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茶苑牛牛刷分器:Ivy Chen like this running, think fat is immune!


牛牛抢红包神器新版 www.zkmafh.com.cn Taking advantage of the weekend, catching up on the day of "Hurry Up, Brother," was full of vitality Ivy Chen thoroughly shaken up! This is simply the reverse faces of the children growing sense of anger brush.

Do not see Ivy Chen has over 30 years old now, I still have the photo looked like a 20-year-old girl ah ~ but he is 82 years ah! The key is also so thin! ! !
As a "run voice" of Ivy Chen is an avid runner and exercise has long been known, as early as "spend less 2" in the audience on its very good insight into the physical.

Weekdays at Ivy Chen microblogging will see, she will often participate in outdoor sports, often running fitness sweat ~ No wonder the "spend less" this high-intensity tourism reality show, she's so good physical fitness, from do not complain cry tears it really is great -

Seems to keep running allows the body to become young speak not boast of. Although I was just a rookie run, not fully aware of the changes brought about long-term run, but trot a few months, I found that running really can make people feel better.

Intense work during the day, I like to run at night or on weekends morning run. Running along the city, following the footsteps of the attention of the city landscape; sometimes run is about a group of friends together, share their happiness at the same time the pressure was released. Running really is a very good aerobic exercise, the body can get exercise. My experience is the need to run more than 20 minutes can really burn calories. Jogging is appropriate not too fast. After running must be done before running stretching exercises to avoid legs thicker.

In addition, a good pair of running shoes is the key to make fully functioning treadmill. Running shoes are designed specifically for running a sports shoe, more extensive use, generally carried out a small sports friends, you can choose running shoes, running shoes because relatively lightweight and comfortable, conducive to our movement.

When you want to start running exercise, the important thing is to understand your foot, then buy a pair of characteristics in line with their foot lightweight and comfortable running shoes. Only so your workout will go smoothly, effective, and avoid injuries.

One point to note is that running shoes are not as light as possible, but to light just right. Shoes lightweight cushioning and support and both performance running shoes is just a good light running shoes.

n this pair of running shoes, for example, shoe body weight of just 450 grams, the upper with fine mesh gauze Ruanmian directly mounted KPU, and combined with a solid substrate, in reducing the weight of the shoe body at the same time, the shoe fit the foot is reasonable, sandwich mesh shoes surface also possesses ventilation cooling function, it can be more comfortable when the light up and running.

Secondly, running shoes outsole is also very important. The outsole is touching the ground floor, slightly harder texture, wear the best, such as RB slip resistant rubber outsole with non-slip wear running shoes, this function uses. Middle bottom is the most important damping layer, generally using a foam MD, resiliently flexible, lightweight cushioning. It is better than the outsole soft spots, arch support shoes can be controlled at the bending twisting forces, and the impact of the fall in the conduction from the heel to the forefoot, greatly enhanced stability when landing.

Running can not only burn fat, if correct posture, but also body shaping, even after lordosis Alice can become thin. Sleep quality will increase in the evening. If you can stick with it long-term, we will be able to like Ivy Chen, become a healthy vitality cheerful girls friends.

The spring, the day the morn, a few years after the taste of this sentence, suddenly found that is not false, so to greet the early morning fresh air, more exercise, so running shoes accompany you.

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